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Welcome to Bradford on Avon Sub Aqua Club

The club is currently only able to help with training for those who are already  qualified and looking to progress their diving skills and interests.

For those who are just getting started in diving and want to learn the club has a good relationship with Compass Diving in Melksham who will be happy to get you started  in this hobby.

The British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) Training Syllabus embraces the following diving/ training grades. Further details about BSAC can be found at www.bsac.com

Diving grades:

  1. Ocean Diver - ON HOLD   

 2. Sports Diver

  3. Dive Leader

  4. Advanced Diver

  5. First Class Diver

 Instructor grades:

  1. Assistant Club Instructor

  2. Open Water Instructor  

 3. Advanced Instructor  

  4. National Instructor


Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader training are primarily done locally within the branch organisations. Instructor training and Advanced Diver training are normally done by attending external training courses. In addition a number of skill  development courses are available including: Boat Handling, Diver Cox, Oxygen  Administration and First Aid.


The Sports Diver qualification is recognized world  wide if you have plans for an exotic holiday and is broadly equivalent to the PADI  Rescue Diver qualification. Full details of the Club and Sports Diver  syllabus are contained in our welcome booklet


At other times during the year we run refresher courses on such matters as Diver  Rescue and carry out cross over training for prospective members who have non- BSAC qualifications and wish to acquire additional qualifications. Normally such  persons are allowed to dive with the club prior to and during the cross over training to the limits imposed by their current qualification.